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Multifunction 5-in-1 Air Purifier detects and erases all polluants

Multifunction 5-in-1 Air Purifier detects and erases all polluants - TECHVONIX


Multifunction 5-in-1 Air Purifier detects and erases all polluants

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Airtum Benefits:

  • Portable Airtum is portable and can therefore be used both at home and in vehicles.
  • Equipped with an H13 filter
  • Equipped with Smart Double Fan of 6500 rpm A powerful suction of the double fan at 6500 rpm will activate a complete purification
  • Low noise design
  • Economical product An ultra-economical maintenance cost! - 24 hours of standard operation: 1 USD/ per year
  • Adapts to the environment When installed in a cup holder, the Lower Fan stops working and thus increases the power of the Upper Fan by 20%.
  • Adapts to consumer needs :
  • AQI Mode (Air Quality Indicator) displays real-time air status with LED light color
  • Equipped with a UV LED light Harmless Disinfectant Air and Filter Eliminates Pyocyanic Bacilli, Colon Bacillus, Super Bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus
  • Certified Product:
  • Equipped with Seoul Biosys UV-LED Demonstrates 100% effectiveness against COVID19

Airtum also holds a scent option: The functional scent of the cartridge installed at the bottom spreads with purified air thanks to the powerful double fan.

  • Quality products with more than 10 Korean and worldwide certification



The Silent Enemy of the Trachea, Fine Dust !

Even when you close the windows in your home or in your car, the fine dust threatening your family’s health permeates through the cracks. Fine Dust Concentration : Bad This is an unadjusted photo taken on a day with a lot of fine dust.
Unavoidable Fine Dust

Fine dust is contained in emissions of various automobiles and factories, yellow dust and VOCs. Long-term exposure to fine dust will reduce the body’s immunity and may easily be exposed to various diseases

 Airtum’s Competitiveness
Other products inhale air from the bottom of the product, the suction power is lowered when it is installed in the cup holder of a car.

Grade-H13 True HEPA Filter 6500rpm Smart Dual Fan

H-13 HEPA Filter and 6500 RPM Dual fans’s powerful suction power

A testing Agency : KITECH (Korea Institute of Production Technology) A testing Method : Client request test method ( Modified US 42 CFR part 84) (Test aerosol : NaCl, Face velocity: 5.33 cm/sec, No. of test: 3)