3 products tested and efficient against covid19

Press release



Ten years of research and international innovation on the subjects of ionizing pollution, viruses and bacteria, electromagnetic pollution, hyper frequencies on the population. Enlightening results which already confirmed at the time the harmfulness of viruses, ionizing rays and waves ... Hence a need to develop new technologies around these concepts and a need to push Research beyond its limits. We


For 9 years, the products have involved a technology that is easy to use. Simple to explain even if health problems concern the whole world today


Without having had an extremely strong sounding board at the time, we strived to find innovative devices and solutions that can destroy viruses and bacteria, which reduce health and safety risks for the population.



Everyday there are testimonials from users, press articles, inspection bodies, occupational health officials, teachers, researchers, real specialists, inspection committees which undoubtedly confirm the need for have technology that protects us.


We are developing, in partnership with scientific players in electromagnetic pollution, research programs aimed at developing new innovative solutions for the consumer.